moira law


Moira Law is a contemporary digital collage artist, inspired by the gifts that the world has graced and touched her on her travels. Striving for an oasis of beauty and haven from the chaos of the modern world. Moira delights in finding beauty in places you would least expect it. Moira grew up in a nomadic lifestyle, frequently travelling with her family of classical musicians. Moira studied literature and business, but was drawn mostly to writing to fill her need for a creative outlet. After meeting her husband, a military pilot, they would live in Quebec, Germany, Montreal and Ottawa before settling in Mountain Township. During their travels Moira studied art history and focused trips to various galleries. She began creating weaving and needle work pieces while in Germany but it wasn’t until her return to Canada and the rise of the digital revolution that she found her artistic medium. Moira distinct and unique style uses a mixture of photography, mixed media, and applications of resin onto her canvases to create unique works based in reality but treated with abstract styles. An appreciation for whitespace is a key element in her work. She initially learned photography and the applications of Photoshop software from her friends, becoming infatuated with the digital process. She went on to learn under instructors such as Lesa Snider, Lindsay Adler, David Duchemin, Doug Landreth, and Sebastian Michaels. She would also be taught abstract painting from Québec painter and sculptor Nicole Duprès. Creating from her subconscious, Moria says she doesn’t know what the final product will resemble when she starts a piece. She slips into a state where she becomes blissfully unaware of time, devoted to the creation of her artwork.


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