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Audrey Ross

Of the many talented visual artists in the Tweed area, Audrey Ross might perhaps be considered the dean of local painters. Her work, particularly her watercolours, have drawn growing praise and admiration. She is a fellow and past president of the Ottawa Watercolour Society and over the years has held many exhibits and won numerous awards for her work. 

“I was born in Moose Jaw and moved East in 1945,” says Ross as she recounts a career that took her to Ottawa, where she married, and then to Toronto, Edmonton, Quebec and eventually back to Ottawa before she settled in Tweed. “I started painting here in 1975 (where she studied at the Schneider School of Fine Arts) and moved to Tweed in 1985.” 

Ross' work is quietly arresting and calming, with subtle structuring and balance and a muted but colourful luminosity that shines through her watercolours which mainly deal with landscapes and rural features such as rivers, dams, forests and farms. Audrey likes to employ various methods to achieve a look including submerging a finished painting in hot water and letting the colors blossom.

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  • Oct 22, 2021

    Abstract art is like drinking a glass of wine. Some will examine and describe the wine in an infinite number of ways from the colour, smell and taste to the region, year and soil, while others are happy to simply drink and enjoy the taste. You don't have to be a Sommelier to enjoy wine, likewise you don't need to have an art degree to appreciate abstract art. 

  • Oct 15, 2021

    How to buy art? Or maybe the title should be Falling in Love.  The reasons for why a work of art captures us are many and never the same for two people.