Kay Gregg


Growing up in the rural outskirts of Toronto and settling down today just outside Lakefield in the Kawartha Lakes region, Kay Gregg has always found satisfaction in creation. Kay began her creative career as a florist, stylist and musician. While she was a successful florist, Kay desired to take the full dive into her passion for art. Trading in her florist knife for a palette knife, Kay now devotes her time to painting landscapes of Canada’s rural scenes as well as producing abstract works, sculptures and more. Kay pull inspiration from her own experiences, from a comprehensive collection of observations, memories and photographs scratching her inexplicable itch to share and communicate her joy and sorrow. She focuses in on communicating the rawness of emotion - both its strength and weaknesses - through the abstracts of her art. Working with an assortment of mediums, tools, and genres, she uses her knife and brushes along with unrestrained palette to layer colour and texture or finding the item that makes the perfect fit for collage. Her work has been described as “intriguingly intense” and “visceral.” Full of colour and diverse in style, her work is able to convey complex emotions through abstract, evoke wonder and calm in country scenes painted closer to reality, or create a wonderful impressionist oil paintings with a masterful command of colour. Since 2014, Kay has produced commissions and exhibited her work across Central Ontario.


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